Procedures, Symptoms, Remedies: 9 Days Post IUI

9 Days Post IUIOne of the gift of medicine to man is the IUI (Intrauterine insemination) treatment. It is often referred to by the name AI (Artificial Insemination).

IUI is the primary preferred treatment by a woman who is trying to conceive with the help of fertility treatment.

A woman who finds it difficult to conceive can take the help of this treatment so that the chances of conception will be high.

It is a kind of assisted conception, where the procedure is performed in a laboratory.

How is it done?

The main intention of this treatment is to separate the fast moving sperm from those that are non-moving or inactive.

Then the doctor washes and prepares the sperm to place it into the woman’s womb by making use of a thin tube, just before the period when she is ready to ovulate.

During ovulation, the ovary releases an egg during the middle of the monthly cycle. Along with this procedure, the doctor also prescribes some fertility based drugs so that it is more effective.

The treatment is painless, but can be a bit cramping. According to reports, most women feel the cramps after 9 days post IUI. The procedure can be done even by a nurse and is generally done at doctor’s office only.

How to identify ovulation period?

IUI treatment is very simple and easier compared to other fertility treatments like IVF. Also, the cost is minimum and affordable.

Doctors usually explain their patients about ovulation and its importance in conceiving. The patients are asked to make use of an ovulation predictor kit at home during the treatment period.

The patient has to regularly check to detect the LH surge, which is a hormone detected by ovulation kits. This hormone plays a very important role in conception and is released before ovulation.

Once patients detect it, they are advised to call their doctor to inform the same. The doctor also checks the ovulation kit to confirm that it is the right time to release the sperm into the cervix.

When and who should go for IUI?

IUI treatment may be done for both males and females. In case of males, it is done in cases where the sperm count is low or when a sperm donor is willing to donate one.

In females, it is done when a woman’s cervical mucus is smaller than the standard size or when the cause of infertility is unexplained. IUI is preferred in some cases when Clomid, a drug for treating infertility, doesn’t work.

How successful is it?

Generally, if a woman who undergoes fertility treatments will be longing to see her baby. The success rate of conception through IUI is not high.

Analysis report informs that the treatment is only 4% to 20%. If only IUI is done, the success rate is as low as 4% and if it is combined with fertility drugs, then the success rate rises to 20%.

The rate of success depends on many factors and one of the primary factor is age. The treatment showed only 2% success rate for women who crossed 40.

Moreover, doctors say that if a woman crossed 40, then IUI must be performed only in one cycle. If it fails, then the next step is to go for IVF. On the other hand, if the woman is less than 40 years of age, she can undergo 3 cycles of IUI.

Cramps after IUI

Women tend to worry whenever there is a change in they notice change in their bodies. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body undergoes lots of changes and the most common result of this is stress.

When planning to undergo fertility treatments like IUI, it is always good to know the changes and effects on your health.

Some may experience cramps and bleeding. Cramps can occur because of various reasons like stomach disorders, constipation etc. But if you observe cramps after IUI, then many factors need to be considered.

Once the treatment is done, it takes 5 to 7 days for an embryo to implant into the uterine cavity. According to specialists, if the cramps occur within 24 – 48 hours of the IUI treatments, then it could be because of the medical invasion.

The symptoms are just like period pains where the patient experiences lower back pain along with bleeding and cramps. Generally, cramps are felt between 6th to 12th day of the treatment.

However, if the cramps occur at a very early stage, then the issue could be with ovaries that have enlarged due to corpus lutein cysts. Hence, cramps are always not a symptom of pregnancy after IUI.

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Remedy for health issues after IUI


A number of remedies can be follow to acquire relief from health issues after IUI. However, the most common ones are discussed below:

Being Calm

Always be quiet after IUI as you might ruin your nervous cells which might be again difficult to recover. Also, embryo implantation requires the person to be completely free from stress.

So, being free from panic and hugging calm is the only solution available.

Proper medicines

Medicines are always prescribed as per one’s personal body response. Sometimes, the medicines might adversely affect by creating allergies. So, always observe your body changes while taking medicines and see a doctor if necessary.

Take bed rest

Bed rest helps in being free from stress, do less activity and improve your health. Also, many health issues find solution through bed rest.

Less Activity

It is a very common advice by doctors that you should avoid heavy activities like jogging, workouts, heavy lifting etc. for at least 2 weeks.


When compared to other fertility treatments, IUI costs much lesser. One treatment cost for IVF can be as high as 3 times the cost of IUI treatment.

Hence, doctors generally suggest to go for IUI as the first attempt of seeking for success in conception. If the treatment fails after multiple attempts, then IVF treatment is preferred.

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