fertility-miscarriageA miscarriage is one of the most painful experiences for both the would-be parents of the child. Once a miscarriage happens, you might start wondering if you would be fertile again in the future or not.

The answer is you can again successfully enter the phase of fertility after miscarriage. Many reasons lie behind the occurrence of a miscarriage.

Some of the reasons include unhealthy diet, obesity, diabetes, thyroid, weight lifting, heavy workouts, stressful lifestyle, age factor etc.

If you can properly understand your present body, age and your health conditions and take care accordingly during your pregnancy period then, you might have less chances to lose pregnancy.

Some facts about miscarriages

  • There are evidences that women get healthy pregnancies even after a miscarriage.
  • Miscarriage is not an abnormal thing and according to statistical reports, one in every four pregnancies experience a miscarriage in the first few weeks of the pregnancy.
  • Many people experience miscarriage even before they know that they are pregnant. This happens most commonly especially in chemical pregnancies, where miscarriage happens right in the beginning of the first trimester.
  • A pregnancy is most prone to miscarriage during the first trimester. This is the reason why many pregnant women do not reveal the news until they successfully complete their first trimester.
  • Miscarriage rarely happens during the 2nd trimester and one in every five of 2nd trimester pregnancies have a threat of miscarriage.
  • 2 or more continuous miscarriages are termed to be the most heartbreaking experience for many couples.
  • The reason for more than half of the miscarriage cases are not known.
  • The pregnancy after a miscarriage will result in the delivery of a healthy baby in most of the cases. This is because of the extra care taken by the couple to avoid repeated miscarriages.

How to recover after a miscarriage

Your body has undergone many changes from the time you got pregnant, till the time you experienced a miscarriage.

Hence, your body needs to recover, relax and get prepared to bear next pregnancy. For this, you need to heal your body and get strong both physically and emotionally before you tryto conceive after miscarriage.


Step by step procedure to recover after miscarriage

Let’s discuss about a step by step procedure to help you recover after a miscarriage. It is a five step procedure in which, first three should be followed before your first period after the miscarriage while, steps 4 and 5 are important once you get your period.


Step-1: Nourishing diet

Nourish your body with healthy diet that improves metabolism rate and strengthens your immune system.

You might have to take iron rich foods and leafy vegetables to improve hemoglobin and take healthy soups that improve digestion. Drink lots of water and have food that is rich in anti-oxidants.

Step-2: Wellness recovery through herbs

A lot of herbs were used by ancient mothers to relieve themselves from stress, trauma and body weakness after experiencing a miscarriage.

These herbs do wonders even today and you should strictly know how to intake them, quantity, intake timings etc.

Herbs like angelica root, black cohosh and St. John’s Wort flower helps in dispelling cold from reproductive organs, relaxing uterus and reduce nervous excitement and anxiety respectively.

Before you take them, ensure that you do not face any side effects and clearly confirm what food you should avoid during the intake of these herbs to avoid body reactions.

Step-3: Relieve stress

Indulge yourself in other works to overcome the emotions that are troubling you because of miscarriage. Try to make workouts that helps you achieve a healthy and fit body.

Practice stress relieving techniques in yoga and meditate regularly. Prefer taking food that heals your emotions and relaxes your body.


Step-4: Fertility cleansing

Fertility cleansing is a process that detoxes your body and resets hormonal imbalances to help your body support the new pregnancy in your way ahead in the future.

Unlike other internal cleansing methods, fertility cleansing is safe and gentle. Once you get your first period after miscarriage, you can go ahead for fertility cleansing.

Step-5: Fertility acupressure

Fertility acupressure is a massage that has lots of benefits if you are suffering a miscarriage. You can go ahead and get it done once you get your first period after miscarriage.

The benefits include stress relief and overcome emotional trauma,balance hormonal levels, supply fresh blood to uterus, improve blood circulation and improve endocrine system communication.

Be Hopeful

After you experience a miscarriage, it is common that you get depressed. However, do not lose hopes as you still have chance to get pregnant again.

Try to get a regular health checkup and take care of your diet and avoid unhealthy habits so that you will successfully cross the complete pregnancy phase and deliver a healthy baby.

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