pregnancy riskAge is one of the major trouble conceiving factors in women. Today’s women stand as competitors with men by landing up in high profile jobs.

Hence, their priorities in personal life have shifted to take secondary position. Because of this, they plan for parenthood after reaching 30’s or sometimes even 40’s.

With the increase in age, a woman is prone to develop more complications in pregnancy if at all she conceives. If you are conceiving after 30or above then, it is termed as delayed pregnancy.

Problems in delayed pregnancies

Delayed pregnancy results in many troubles that might even turn out to be a danger for life of both the mother and baby. Let’s discuss about them in detail:

  • The most common problem in delayed pregnancy is the reduced chances of egg production. This will result in impotency. According to gynecologists, the best chance to conceive is before you enter 30’s.
  • The second issue with delayed pregnancy is to sustain it till the end. This is because of hormonal imbalances within the body of a woman as she starts entering mid 30’s and 40’s. Most of the women who conceive in mid of 30’s are prone to spontaneous miscarriage. To know how to deal miscarriage and deliver a healthy baby, you can refer
  • Neglecting minor issues like ignoring bed rest, acting fast in daily activities etc., might also result in miscarriages in delayed pregnancies. Hence, you need to be very watchful throughout the period of pregnancy.
  • Missing regular checkups can also result in miscarriages. Even if you find a slight weird feeling in your body, you need to visit the doctor to ensure that everything is fine.
  • If you already have health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid then, you don’t know when you might suffer miscarriage. Hence, be watchful throughout the pregnancy period.
  • You might be prone to health disorders like high blood pressure, thyroid or diabetes during second trimester of your pregnancy in case you are carrying a delayed pregnancy. If you are attacked by these disorders then, you might need to give birth to a premature baby. In such cases, the life would be in danger for both mother and the baby.
  • During delivery, you might suffer prolonged labor pain because of many reasons like improper baby movements, cervix opening in insufficient size, less effective contractions that are not strong enough to push the baby etc.

What are the risks?

Risks for both mother and the newborn are even severe if you get pregnant after 40. You should be very cautious during pregnancy even if you have conceived easily without much of awaiting.

The chances of delivering a healthy baby is really low for fertility after 40. One of the major risks for the new born is to develop genetic abnormality like defect in spinal cord, Down’s syndrome etc.

Incase if the baby suffers such issues then, the doctor treats the baby by taking regular updates through ultrasounds.


What are the precautionary steps?

If you are planning for a delayed pregnancy, you should get pre-conception checkup done and get conceived only under the supervision of the doctor so that both the mother and the baby’s health can be monitored regularly.

It is very important for the fetus to grow under the supervision of the doctor in delayed pregnancies. Ensure that your doctors assures you a risky free delivery.

If not, ask the doctor to guide you with proper medication, exercises, diet etc. to prepare your body to get ready for conception and risky free delivery. Always know the risks involved and try to find alternate solutions to avoid them.


Delayed pregnancies include high risks that might be life threatening to both the mother and the baby. The pregnant woman needs to be under the supervision of the doctor and both hers’ and her baby’s health needs to be monitored continuously.

Regular checkups is a must. While attempting to overcome impotency, couples might end up with delayed pregnancies. Also, professional career might be another cause.

Conceiving in late 30’s or 40’s is not impossible but a woman carrying a delayed pregnancy needs to be very careful and attentive so that she doesn’t now suffer the risks involved in delayed pregnancies.

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