Safe Homemade Abortion Methods

Homemade Abortion MethodsThe word ‘abortion’ fills a woman’s heart and mind with a feel of fear and regret. Though people do not intend to go for it, it is sometimes a solution for numerous reasons like personal, physical and financial problems.

Aborting a child in an unsafe method can turn out to be dangerous for the mother. Hence, it should be practiced only in safer methods.

It is always suggested to get the work done professionally through a doctor to avoid complications. They will guide you with abortion pills, based on your current health conditions.

However, home-made methods do exist that are believed to be successful for most of the women. These methods cannot guarantee the results, but were believed to be effective for most of the women.

Old wives, who did not want to visit clinics, followed many homemade abortion methods. Sometimes, access to clinics or medical stores might be a difficult task due to various reasons.

These methods can be handy in such situations. If you are looking for safer homemade abortion methods, you can try one or all of them until you get the result.

Ensure you do not overdo all of them at a time, as it might affect your health in turn.

Natural Homemade Abortion Methods

The following is the discussion of 8 natural/homemade abortion methods, which are completely handy and safe. Most of the methods make use of natural food, which you should intake in order to see the results.

Consume laxatives to upset your stomach

It is most commonly known that stomach upset during early stages of pregnancy is not a safe way to withstand the pregnancy. It might lead to miscarriage.

Using similar logic, you can try having lots of laxatives to upset your stomach, provided you are still in your early stage of pregnancy. This can induce an abortion that you are expecting to happen.

Consume vitamin C rich diet to heat up the uterus

It is generally suggested not to have diet that is rich in vitamin C during the early stages of pregnancy. This is because, vitamin C produces heat in the uterus, which might lead to miscarriage.

Considering this factor, you can have loads of food that is rich in vitamin C to get the result. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemon, and other fruits like papayas are rich in vitamin C.

Vegetables like chilies, kiwis, dark leafy green vegetables, bell peppers, tomatoes, peas etc. are found to be rich in vitamin C.

Consume meat melting papaya

Though there are no proven records, papaya has a dishonorable history with pregnant women. The main reason behind this belief is that, papaya has the capacity to melt the meat.

Hence, it is assumed that it will show a similar worsening effect over your unwanted fetus, thus resulting in abortion.

Consume food that stimulates menstrual hormone

Having a parsley is an herbal method of abortion and is quite effective. Parsley contains emmenagogue, which is not a safe substance to withstand pregnancy if you consume it while carrying.

This substance works to stimulate the menstrual hormones, thus resulting in abortion.

Though cinnamon is a healthy spice to consume, it induces abortion by stimulating the menstrual hormones, just like the parsley.

Consume aspirin in high amounts

There is no scientific proof to prove this method but it has really resulted in abortions when pregnant women had it in high dosages.

The chances for a miscarriage was 7 times higher during the early pregnancy stages.

Consume the heat producing unripe pineapples

Pineapples, especially the unripen ones are said to produce a lot of heat in the body when consumed.

It has helped many women to successful abort their pregnancy.If you too are looking for a miscarriage, having these can surely help.

Consuming contraction stimulating black or blue cohosh

This is an herbal method of abortion. Black or blue cohosh are herbs that instantly stimulate contractions in the uterus. These herbs, when consumed in high doses, might lead to severe hemorrhage and cramps.

Consuming Dong Quai, a herb

Another safe herbal method of abortion is the consumption of an herb called, dong quai. You need to brew this herb with tea if you are intending to induce abortion.

When consumed, the herb works by stimulating contractions over the uterine walls and the impersonation is just like how it happens when you take the abortion pills prescribed by a doctor.

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Coat Hanger Abortion

This is one of the dangerous abortion methods, which was practiced by many old wives who did not want to proceed with their pregnancy.

It is a method where, a woman pushes the coat hanger from the vagina towards the uterus so that the hook of the hanger pierces the fetus and destroys it.

There are incidents where some women find it difficult to remove the hanger back, and run to doctors to save them.

The method will result in infection inside the uterus and stomach. In case the hanger hook accidentally pierces any other organ, the woman’s life might be in danger.

This is an unethical method, which is still in practice in some remote areas even in the 21st century. Doctors say that this method is hazardous to the woman’s life and should be strictly avoided under any circumstances.


Aborting a child is inhumane but sometimes it might be necessary to save the woman’s life. It must be avoided to a maximum extent.

However, if abortion is the only solution, then you should do it in a safer method. If you wish to go for it through homemade techniques, you should follow safer methods by having food that might result in destroying the fetus.

If you want to get it done professionally without any complications, then you can visit a doctor to get the work done for you.

Never follow unsafe, unethical, inhumane methods like coat hanger abortion methods as it might land your life in severe danger.

If you have good access to a nearby clinic, make use of it or else, follow safe and natural methods.

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