Different Homemade/DIY Pregnancy Tests That Work

homemade-DIY pregnancy test

Many women of the modern world do not know that homemade pregnancy tests are available. People in the olden days used to make use of these tests and would rely on them confidently.

These tests are reliable, inexpensive, safe, and easy. The ingredients used in these tests are simply available in our day today life and are most commonly used in our daily home maintenance.

Many people who live in the rural areas do not have access to proper clinics or drug stores. People whose living style is below the poverty line might not be able to afford the pregnancy kits available in the drug stores.

Moreover, buying the kits every time you doubt pregnancy is a costly task, as you never know that you are pregnant until you make use of the test.

Hence, homemade tests are inexpensive and you need not worry to open your wallet every time you doubt the pregnancy.

Homemade pregnancy test with sugar/Glucose


pregnancy sugar testSugar one of the must and most commonly used kitchen ingredient in every house. You can make use of this simple white crystal ingredient to get your doubt cleared.

This test comes in handy irrespective of whichever place you stay. This test was most commonly used in the olden days, few decades ago, when no pregnancy testing kits were made available by the drug stores.

Moreover, this ingredient does no harm. This test proved to be accurate most of the times, but might turn out to be inaccurate in rare cases.

Hence, if you find that the result is positive, it is better to visit a doctor so that you can be guided with proper prenatal care.

What Are The Prerequisites For Testing

It is very important to consider the first urine in the morning, as soon as the woman is out from the bed. This is considered as best because, the first urine is not diluted.

The probability of result accuracy is more when the urine is undiluted. The urine that you test should be urinated just few seconds back.

It is definitely not suggested to preserve the first urine in any container for a long period of time.

Why urine is important for pregnancy test?

During an early pregnancy period, an embryo starts to implant towards the uterus lining. During this time, the placenta starts to produce a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

This hormone is released in the urine of a pregnant woman. Hence, the urine of a pregnant woman is essential for making a pregnancy test.

How to perform the Test?

In a bowl, add 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar. Then, pee into the bowl directly when you are about to relieve. Wait for few minutes to know the result.

Observe the reaction of sugar with the urine. If you find that the sugar has dissolved, it means that the result is negative.

However, if you find sugar clumps in the bowl, then you should know that you have tested to be positive. The HCG hormone in the urine does not allow the sugar/glucose to dissolve.

What to do if tested positive?

If you have tested to be positive, it is better to confirm the same with the doctor. Also, you should know that the test does not tell you the period of your pregnancy.

If the doctor also confirms the same, then you might be guided with better prenatal care which is completely based on your personal health and pregnancy period.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test


toothpaste pregnancy testToothpaste is another ingredient that is found in every house, irrespective of being poor or rich. This test can be done in your home, at your comfort.

This was also one of the most commonly preferred tests few decades ago, when pregnancy testing kits were not available in the drug stores.

This test comes out to be very handy as you can carry the paste even when you travel. Again, this test too needs the first morning urine, which is absolutely undiluted.

The toothpaste that you should prefer for this test should be plain.

What Are The Prerequisites For Testing

When you consider the toothpaste test for pregnancy, it is suggested to use a plain one. A small amount can do the work for you.

However, the exact amount or proportion of paste that you should use is not mentioned. Also, you need to consider the first morning urine for accurate results.

You can make use of a spatula or a brush to mix the paste with the urine.

How to perform the Test?

Take a small amount of plain toothpaste in a bowl. With a brush, mix it with the urine that was just urinated. The HCG hormone that is present in the urine will mix with the toothpaste to form a reaction with the chemicals that are present in the toothpaste.

With this, the colour of the mixture turns out to be forth or bluish, meaning that you are more probably pregnant. This shows that you have tested positive.

However, you cannot rely completely on this test, as it might prove to be inaccurate in rare cases. However, remember that no pregnancy tests are 100% reliable.

How reliable is the toothpaste pregnancy test?

An important thing to note is that, nobody specified the proportion of the paste and urine that you should mix.

Hence, you do not know the exact amount of the ingredients that you should mix. On the other hand, problems are associated with this test.

The first and foremost thing is that, the toothpaste that is mixed with urine will anyway turn frothy after sometime.

Hence, the result is quite confusing. Had there been any instructions that tell you how fast the solution should turn frothy, you can be clear with the results.

Keeping this aside, if the solution turns bluish, remember that you are more probable to test positive for pregnancy. Hence, if the same happens to you, it is suggested to consult a doctor to get the confirmation.

Homemade pregnancy test with Tylenol


tylenol pregnancy testThis test is a homemade one, but the ingredients might not be readily available in every house. However, you can get them in any nearby chemical store.

Moreover, the price is affordable. In order to make the pregnancy test using these chemicals, you need to ensure that you use the right amount of ingredients and follow right procedure.

This test is more suitable for those who can understand the nature of chemicals and their reactions so that they would understand why you need to add a specific chemical to the other, and why not in a vice-versa manner.

Tylenol test is mostly preferred by those who have a very easy access to chemical stores, and who know how to measure chemicals in an accurate manner.

However, this is not a rocket science if you can simply follow the procedure with the said instructions, without violating or interrupting the procedure with your self-made guidelines.

What Are The Prerequisites For Testing

When you do this test, you should ensure that you are using equal proportions of both the chemicals. Mixing the chemicals should be in a proper manner.

To Tylenol, you need to add hydrogen peroxide and approaching the method in a vice-versa manner is not a valid process.

Moreover, the urine that you would be mixing with these chemicals should be the first one that you would relieve in the morning as soon as you are out of your bed.

How to perform the Test?

Take a small amount of Tylenol and crush it. To this, add an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide. Ensure that you do not do it the other way round.

Once the chemicals are thoroughly mixed, keep it aside and take a clean bowl and pee in it. It is better to prefer a glass bowl to avoid unnecessary chemical reactions with the metal.

To this urine, add the chemical mixture and wait for some time. In case you find that the colour of the mixture remains unchanged, it means that you have most probably tested negative.

However, if you observe that the mixture is turning blue, then your probability of being pregnant is high. This means, most probably you have tested positive.

To confirm the same, it is better to consult a physician before you start taking pregnancy care. The doctor will check the status and health of your fetus and guide you with prenatal care accordingly.

Homemade pregnancy test with vinegar


pregnancy vinegar testVinegar is again one of the most common kitchen ingredient, readily available for access. Even this ingredient can help you to know if you are pregnant or not.

The method is absolutely safe and you need not worry about any harmful gases released as a result of chemical reaction of vinegar with your urine.

This method was used by many women in the past decades, when the medical stores were not offering the ready-made pregnancy testing kits.

Ladies who wanted to know the result secretly between the four walls would use this method to know their probability of being pregnant.

Also, women who would not have easy access to clinics or those who experienced financial crisis would make use of this handy method, before getting the same confirmed by a doctor.

What Are The Prerequisites For Testing

All you need is a vinegar, which has not crossed the expiry date defined by the manufacturer. Also, you need a clean bowl to which you would be adding the ingredients.

Another important requirement is the urine that is collected in the early hours of the morning, most preferably the first undiluted one.

How to perform the Test?

Take the bowl and add small amount of vinegar. To this, add the undiluted and first urine that you relieved in the day. Observe the colour to know the result.

If you find that the colour of the liquid remains unchanged, it means you have tested negative. However, if you find that the colour of the liquid has changed, it means you have tested positive.

The result is accurate in most of the cases, but sometimes it might turn out to be inaccurate. Hence, if you see the change in colour, it is suggested to visit a doctor to confirm the same before you proceed with prenatal care.

How reliable is the vinegar pregnancy test?

The first and foremost disadvantage of using this method is that the proportion of vinegar and urine you would be mixing is not known.

Hence, if either of the ingredient is mixed in unknown quantity, you never know if the mixed liquid is the colour you wanted at the time of mixing the liquids.

Moreover, the colour change would be almost negligible. You should be a keen observer. The difference is very less and hence, you need to surely confirm that the colour has really changed.

This results in a lot of confusion and hence, your desire to know the result will be almost in vain.

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Homemade pregnancy test with baking soda


pregnancy baking soda testBaking soda is also a very common kitchen ingredient. This test proved to be 70% accurate and thus, many ladies rely on this test before visiting a doctor for confirmation.

The test procedure is as simple as just adding the urine sample to the baking soda. The results would appear within a few minutes and is extremely safe, simple, easy and convenient method.

Women who conceive will need to bare the fetus for next nine months before giving birth to the baby. Till then, most of them would be in ultimate curiosity to know the gender of their baby.

In some countries like India, it is illegal to disclose the information about the gender of the baby. Homemade pregnancy test with baking soda is different from other homemade methods in the way that you can guess the gender of the baby with this test.

However, if you are serious about the gender, then it is not a good idea to completely rely on this method, as it is not 100% accurate.

But, the probability of guessing proper gender is more. This is why, most of the women in the olden days used this method to find the gender.

What Are The Prerequisites For Testing

To make this test, you need a clean and dry bowl, 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda and the first relieved undiluted urine collection as a sample.

How to perform the Test?

In a clean and dry bowl, take 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda. To that, add few drops of urine sample. The result can be in two ways:

  • The reaction of the two might result in fizzles like you see in a soda pop.
  • The second result can be simply the opposite, meaning that the reaction does not fizz up and is very normal.

If the result is the former one, where the reaction fizzes up, then you might be most probably carrying a baby boy in your womb.

On the other hand, in the latter case, where there is no reaction at all, you might be carrying a baby girl in your womb.

How reliable is the baking soda pregnancy test?

Better do not hurt yourself by shopping for the baby by relying on this test. You can make this test and guess the gender of the unborn baby just for fun.

Many people believe that the test is a kind of gimmick or old wives tales. However, you can still not underestimate the result of this test, as it proved to be accurate for at least 7 women out of 10.

Apart from these tests, there other homemade pregnancy tests to know the gender of the unborn child. One of the German based test is by pouring the urine on wheat and barley seeds.

Slowly, the seeds would start to germinate. According to ancient Germans, if the wheat seeds germinate, you might be having a baby girl and if the barley seeds grow, you might be having a baby boy.

How to make a homemade pregnancy test with bleach?


Pregnancy Bleech TestBleach has been used as a cleaning agent since many decades that cleanses and whitens clothes because of its oxidizing properties.

Most of the homemade pregnancy tests are safe while some of them might be harmful due to the chemical reactions that take place.

Bleach test is one among them and you should ensure that you do not carry on this test in an enclosed area like a closed room or a bathroom. It is better to prefer an open place like your backyard or veranda.

The threat is that when you mix the urine sample with the bleach, it reacts to release some gases which might suffocate you.

In case you are pregnant, the gases might harm the foetus too. Hence, you need to make this test in an open place.

What Are The Prerequisites For Testing

All you need is a clean and dry bowl, bleach and urine sample that is collected when you relieved it first in the day.

An important point to note is that, you should not try to smell the reaction in order to avoid any harm, as you might start feeling difficult to breathe.

As a precautionary step, you can make use of a mask to cover your nose and mouth, while performing the test.

How to perform the Test?

Collect your first urine of the day in a clean bowl as a sample. Add few drops of it to the container to which you have already added the bleach.

You can observe the change in the mixture due to the chemical reactions. If the mixture remains unchanged, it means you have tested negative for pregnancy.

In case the reaction starts to foam, it means that you have something good to share. Irrespective of testing positive or negative, you should be very careful with the fumes released during the chemical reaction. It is better if you wear a mask as a precautionary step.

How reliable is the bleach pregnancy test?

The first and foremost disadvantage of this test is the concern for safety. Moreover, it is nowhere mentioned about the time you need to wait for seeing the results.

Adding another point as a disadvantage to this, the appropriate proportions of urine sample and bleach is not known.

These unclear instructions and guidelines might give you wrong results as you never know if you added proper proportions of the ingredients.

Apart from the above mentioned tests, several other homemade pregnancy tests are available that originated from different parts of the globe.

One of the test is a pine sol test, which is carried out by first creating a pine sol by adding pine cones, twigs and needles in a hard plastic container, and then adding a urine sample to it to see if the colour of the pine sol changes. If it does then, the result is positive.


The HCG hormone released by the placenta of pregnant woman will circulate in the complete body, and will be present in both blood and urine.

The tests are all urine based and hence, you need a urine sample to know the results. These tests are effective only when you use proper ingredients in proper proportionate, follow proper method and make use of first morning urine.

The test conducted may  not accurate all the time, and hence you must see a doctor if you these tests double your doubt of pregnancy.

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