convice naturallyGetting pregnant fast, easily and naturally is possible only when you educate yourself on how pregnancy happens.

You need to know your cycle, timings of ovulation and many other factors to identify the fertility signs. For this, you need to listen and understand to your own body signals so that you can guess the timings of your ovulation.

Three days right before you ovulate is the best fertility time for a woman. If you can have physical relationship with your partner during this time, you have more chances of getting pregnant.

This is because, during this time you will have plenty of cervical mucus that keeps the sperm alive until the egg is released by the ovary.

This is the best way to conceive naturally, where you will not require any medication to help you get pregnant.

Tips that help you to conceive naturally

If you want to get pregnant naturally, you need to know effective tips that help you to fulfil your passion of entering parenthood. Let’s discuss about such tips in detail:


1. Know your cycle

Ovulation plays a very important role in conception. During this period, an egg is released to meet sperm and fertilize.

Hence, if you know when you will ovulate then, it is the right time to make love with your partner. To know that, you need to know how your body works.

If you are unable to understand your body, chart your cycle to know best fertility signs in your body like cervical mucus, changes in basal body temperature (BST), variations in cervical position as you approach ovulation period etc.

Just before the egg is released, you can observe one or more physical changes in your health conditions like nausea, headache, libido, breast sensitivity, ovulation pain and spotting during ovulation.


2. Make love frequently

There are no specific rules in timings of making love. Experts say that if you participate in making love every alternate day during your ovulation period, there are more chances to conceive.

With this type of activity, you can overcome any impotency related issues in male partner as the sperm count increases if you give a gap of day or two.

3. Never ignore vaginal health

Ensure that your vaginal condition is sperm friendly. Make use of only 100% organic cotton tampons and avoid artificial scented sprays.

If you are suffering yeast infection, ensure that you take proper care and medication so that your partner is not cross infected. Also avoid lubricants that are not sperm friendly.

Use them under doctor’s supervision so that you can be confident that you are not disturbing the fertility enhancing factors.

4. Improve cervical mucus

Fertility mucus helps in longer survival of the sperm. To improve fertility mucus, you need to take a healthy diet which contains nutrition that helps to enhance cervical fertility mucus.

Drink plenty of water and avoid food that thickens mucus. If you are unable to generate sufficient levels of cervical mucus even after several trails, you can take vitamin supplements under doctor’s supervision.

5. Cleanse your internal body

Internal body and liver cleansing helps you to enhance the chances of conception as it increases the quality of sperm and egg. Fertility cleansing is the most opted and first step taken by doctors to help the patients with better chances to conceive.

6. Get relaxed as much as possible

Use yoga and meditation techniques to relax your mind and body. This will help a lot in relieving you from stress.

This is the best suggestion for people undergoing tremendous stress both professionally, physically and emotionally. If you are among such group and looking for how to get pregnant, then this is the best tip.

7. Overcome obesity

Excess weight is the foremost enemy if you are trying to conceive. An ideal BMI should be in the range of 20 – 25 if you are planning for conception.

Make proper workouts, practice fertility enhancing techniques in yoga and undergo weight loss programs if possible in order to lose your weight before you start trying for conception.

8. Have fertility enhancing diet

Avoid having food that suppresses thyroid gland or increases insulin levels in your body. Ignore food that inhibits ovulation like tofu, cheese, soy beverages, cow milk and hydrogenated foods.

Also, keep yourself away from alcohol, smoking, coffee and food additives. Proper diet helps in improving the quality of your egg.


9. Continuously monitor health condition

Make a regular check to ensure that your blood pressure levels, insulin levels and thyroid hormone are in the normal ranges.

If there is change in these levels, then you might suffer hormonal imbalance, which in turn affects your ovulation cycle. The result of this is that you might not ovulate regularly.

10. Make use of a fertility monitor

You can make use of fertility monitor to find out the best time for fertilization, if you have not been conceiving for over 6 months even after continuous trails.

Fertility monitor measures the amount of electrolytes in your saliva with which, you can know hormonal changes in your body right before you ovulate.

The device is very simple and accurate. It informs you 5 to 7 days in advance to know your best time for conception.

11. Keep yourself away from harmful radiation

Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, tablets exhibit harmful radiations that increase infertility problems in both men and women.

Use them only when you seriously need them. Also, X-Rays exhibit harmful radiations. Keep yourself away from them at least 4 months before you plan to conceive.


If you want to get pregnant in a simple and natural manner, without undergoing much of medication, you need to follow simple fertility tips like knowing your ovulation cycle, having fertility enhancing diet, detoxing your body, monitoring insulin and thyroid levels, losing excess weight and above all, making love at the right time.

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