How To Overcome Impotency?

impotencyImpotency has become one of the major issues in couples of the modern days. You might have tried all the methods you knew and might have understood your menstrual cycle perfectly and still you might have not yet overcome impotency.

This is quite common these days and you must be aware of the reasons that create trouble while you are trying to conceive baby.

Impotency factors in women

There are a number of factors beyond our understanding that create troubles while attempting to conceive. Also, there are common factors in women that doesn’t help them to conceive.

If you are wondering and running around the question, ‘why can’t I get pregnant?’ then look into the following discussion on some of the common issues in women that contribute to troubles getting pregnant:

  • Health disorders like thyroid, PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), PIM (Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases), blocked fallopian tubes etc. are some of the health disorders that might stand as the problems for conceiving.
  • Improper menstrual cycle is one of the common issues today that creates problems while trying to conceive. Irregular periods is the result of hormonal imbalances. This means, ovulation is not happening every month which is a drawback.
  • Even if you have a better cycle, another problem that stops you from conceiving is the quality and quantity of sperm count. If the sperm count of the male partner is not enough, or if active sperms are negligible then you can’t conceive.
  • There are chances of improper implantation of egg though fertilization takes place. This is another cause because of which you cannot get pregnant.
  • Another factor that creates trouble for conception is the age. The older you become, the tougher it is for you to get pregnant. Even if you conceive, there are less chances to deliver a healthy baby. This is because the uterus loses its flexibility and elastic nature as you get older.

Impotency factors in men

Also, there are certain issues with men too that create troubles while attempting to conceive. Some of the most common issues in men that contribute to problems in conception are as follows:

  • Low sperm count is one of the most common reasons that contribute to the troubles of conception. If the results are abnormal, then the doctor might suggest for retest to confirm. If the result is again abnormal in the second test, then the male partner is treated accordingly.
  • Another issue from men’s part for unable to conceive is hormone disorders. This in turn results in the release of low quality sperms and the female partner finds trouble conceiving.
  • There are also chances of blockage in testicles and this will again affect the sperm count.
  • Another problem can be related to ejaculation. If it does not happen properly, there may be a problem in sperm count.

For all the above mentioned reasons, the male partner needs to be treated and counseled in order to overcome the issues that lead to impotency.

What if you suffer PCOS?

Trying to conceive with PCOS is a heart-breaking experience for all those millions of women who are suffering impotency. It is an endocrine disorder which doesn’t allow a woman to ovulate regularly.

This is definitely a draw back for those who are trying to conceive. Hence, such women are first treated to regularize their periods by injecting hormones and are suggested to take medical course that lasts for months.

Also there is no guarantee that the problem doesn’t repeats in future. There are of course side effects like developing complications with this kind of treatment where hormones are injected.

Medical technology has advanced to such a level that today, new procedures are still under testing, where a patient suffering from PCOS can get pregnant without taking hormone injections.

Let’s wait for those treatments to come out successfully so that many patients suffering impotency can enter the responsibility of parenthood.


Identify trouble conceiving factor

In today’s modern life style, impotency is not a rare issue and every couple needs to stop ignoring pregnancy related issues right from the beginning stage.

Visit a good doctor who have established a success record in treating impotency related issues. Get a proper checkup and prefer counseling if required.

Both male and female partner needs to get the checkup done to identify the actual cause of impotency amongst the couple.

Once the trouble has been encountered, the doctor will surely guide you through the path of success. Try for successful products in the market that have positive feedbacks so that you too can try your luck.

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Impotency is not a rare issue and you can overcome it easily if you know the actual cause of impotency. Hence, do not ignore if you feel that there is surely a problem in conceiving.

Visit good doctor, get the problem identified and take proper medication on a timely basis. You will surely enjoy parenthood.

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