Can Royal Jelly Supplements Help With Fertility Issues?

When you look at a honeybee hive, you can see thousands of worker honeybees, who work for their queen bee. The worker bees secrete a milky white substance, usually referred to as the royal jelly, which is the principal food for the honeybee queen.

The royal jelly is secreted by the worker bees in their heads through various glands. The jelly is very rich in nutrition and typically contains about 60 – 70% water, 10 – 16% sugar, 12 – 15% proteins, 2 – 3% of vitamins, 3 – 6% fats, amino acids and salts.

The composition of these nutrients varies with geography and climate. The royal jelly serves as a great nutrition for nurturing the queen bees.

Because the royal jelly is rich in nutrition, many people use as medicine to cure many diseases like skin disorders, stomach ulcers, kidney problems, asthma, pancreatitis, sleep troubles etc.

When used as a health tonic, the jelly boosts the immune system. Most of the bee’s products are made using royal jelly as the primary ingredient, which is extracted directly from the beehive.

Role of royal jelly in improving fertility


Many nutrients that are known to boost the rate of fertility are found in royal jelly. The substance improves the rate of fertility in both men and women.

Folic acid is abundantly found in royal jelly, which is one of the essential nutrients and is vital in protecting against Spina Bifida, one of the neural tube defects.

royal jelly for pregnancy

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Similarly, amino acid called as Arginine is very important in men for a better fertility rate. The royal jelly is rich in this amino acid, which when taken by men will enhance the production of testosterone hormone. Thus, the fertility potential is improved in both men and women.

Menstrual problems hinder the chances of conception in women. Royal jelly works as a great medicine to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Many gynecologists suggest that women who suffer menstrual problems must be given bee pollen with royal jelly.

Many of their patients showed great improvement on the issue and most of them experienced complete relief from menstrual problems. Royal jelly reportedly cures and regulates female sex organs.

It works to improve the health of both egg and sperm. Doctors prefer royal jelly for fertility boosting.

What are women saying after successfully Conceiving ?

kathy stewart

Kathy Stewart

Many women enjoyed the motherhood because of royal jelly. This great nature gift improves the fertility rate and does a great benefit in improving health.

According to 26 year Kathy, motherhood was just a dream for her as she left no stone to conceive. At last, she gave up and decided to get a baby from an orphanage.

She suffered a lot of stress both from the society, and from her family. Suddenly, one day she met her old friend with him it happened that she shared her problem.

This old friend thought of helping Kathy and gave her 2 jars of royal jelly and asked her to intake 3 times a day as per the instructions mentioned on the label.

Kathy confronted in the beginning, but however decided not to disappoint her friend. Kathy’s friend did not guarantee her about conception, but convinced her that it would do well for her health. When Kathy started to intake the jelly, she could notice that her health was far better than before.

Within 1 month, Kathy could experience the symptoms of pregnancy. At first she doubted, but later thought to check her doubt by using the pregnancy test kit.

To her surprise, she was tested positive for pregnancy and hence, delivered a lovely baby girl.

Just like Kathy, there are several other success stories, and in each case, the women suffered the pain of infertility.

Royal jelly helped many women to enjoy the greatest moments of a woman’s life, which is motherhood. Apart from boosting fertility, royal jelly nurtures our body and hence gives a great amount of health benefits.

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How to intake royal jelly?

Be very careful when you choose to intake any substance. Ensure that the product is from a branded manufacturer.

It is better to get it confirmed by your druggist, rather than consuming it with half knowledge. It comes in the form of capsules or semi-liquid state.

Ensure that you follow the directions of usage, mentioned on the label of the product package.

Traditionally, you are suggested to take 500 to 3000 mg of pure royal jelly per day.

You need to divide this quantity into two or three equal doses and consume each dose separately in a single day.

Generally, you need to intake it regularly for a month, as a course.

What are the side effects?

Royal jelly does wonders if it suits your health and body. However, there are limitations too. This jelly cannot be given to infants who are below 1 year old.

For adults who are known to be allergic to bees or honey, royal jelly is not the right product. If such people intake it, they might suffer reactions that range from minor to severe skin irritations, anaphylactic shock or difficulty in breathing.

The outcome of allergy can appear in different ways like, skin irritation, eye and mouth swelling, facial swelling, tingling in the lips, itching in the throat, severe headaches, fast heartbeat rate etc. Other side effects include nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramping etc.

If you are not sure about being allergic, you can use the product and keep a keen eye on your personal health to find if you suffer any health issues.

The moment you encounter any reactions or allergies, it is suggested to discontinue the product immediately and see the doctor for treating your effected health.


Royal jelly is not only rich in vitamins and essential amino acids, but is also rich in x-component that is supposed to be good for boosting the rate of fertility.

A number of success stories prove that this great substance can do great wonders to one’s health. Giving a sure try for this milky white bee secretion is worthy.

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